Ducking the heat seeking awards

harry billings psobaka at
Sun Jan 26 22:19:25 PST 1997

 After reading Blackfoxs post (very nice BTW)  I thought it might be amusing
for perspective to tell story in the "if you duck fast enough the awards
will fly theory" frame of reference.

I started playing in the SCA seriously in 1990.  Got caught in the middle of
an ugly interhousehold feud and got it stuck in my head that those pretty
medalions and brass hats were fat flaming TARGETS.  AoA's I could deal with
and I was happy for other people getting recognized.  Operative there is
other people.  I got my AoA in '93 (by surprise) and was happy to be a
nobody.  Unfortunatly for me I had friends who thought everything I did was
wonderfull.  I kept the house and my personall pattern collection open for
the local SCA and  amtgard groups to use. I costumed and taught the few
intrepid souls who cared to appear.  After a year or so of this I started to
hear my name attatched to award recomendations.  My usuall protest when
directly questioned about my activities was "I'm not really *doing*
anything."  I wasn't believed.  I was awarded a Sable Thistle for costuming.
I ducked the court where it was to be presented, got yelled at by several
friends with brass hats.  Was told "you *will* be at the populace meeting"
went to populace and had the dratted thing handed to me there.  My reaction
was amusing to most who knew me.  An explosive 'ack' and to dive for the
door.  It didn't work, there was a rather large kanighit marshall in the
way.  I as duely hauled back and given my pretty aiming piont.  Afterwards I
had a newcomer ask me about my reaction, appending his question with "but I
thought that was why people did things in this game."  He was confused even
after I explained that there are some things you just do for the love of
doing them.  Sewing is one of those things for me.  I'm not that good but I
love what I do.

I've adjusted to my target pendant, mostly.  I still think that Dad
(Plachoya) deserved his thistle for his work promoting archery *way* more
than I did for the little I do for the Garb level in our dream.  People just
tell me to be good and I'll be a Laurel.  I don't think I really want one.
It still looks like a big target for all the discontented jerks out there to
aim at.

Saffiya 'bint Da'ud Al'Mubarrak
posting for the same account as Plachoya Sobaka
Raven's Fort, Ansteorra

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