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In a message dated 97-01-26 20:45:16 EST, Kateryn wrote:
> So would you all like to regale us with wonderful stories about
>  wInterkingdom?  How good was the feast?

The feast was good. The feast was VERY good for being the effort of a
first-time feast-crat (hey, can't please everyone, but the lady came very,
very close as far as *I* am concerned).

Saturday was MUCH colder than advertised in advance (Friday night I don't
know how cold it got, by my toes are still in rebellion and I am rushing
through mail so I can try and catch up on sleep). Much praise to the
individuals who arranged for the merchants to have the walled pavillion with
heater for space. (We were cozy, but we survived - if not for the shelter, I
could not have continued out-of-doors...)

The classes I taught seemed to be well-received, although I certainly
encourage feedback from participants. Class outlines are available in
electronic form: again, my apologies for not getting them printed beforehand.
The version to be distributed will be updated with contributions made by the
participants, so there is some advantage...

The one class I got to attend was a very good introduction to Norse poetic
style. Thank You, Mikal
>  Sick that I had to miss it,
>  Kateryn
>  Grimfells

If you have a low tolerance for cold, it is possibly better, m'lady. I will
certainly be considering alternate sleeping arrangements (hotel, cabin, etc.)
if I can make the trip next year.

Well, to be honest I *have* to: One of the poles for the tent I used the last
two nights is disintegrating and may not be worth repairing for other than
"spare / gear tent" usage. Hey, such a deal I got: poor little earth-pimple
has been through flood, dust storm, thunderstorm, and three boys and *still*
lasted nearly seven years so far...

Amra / Kihe / Mike

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