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>> So would you all like to regale us with wonderful stories about
>>  wInterkingdom?  How good was the feast?
>The feast was good. The feast was VERY good for being the effort of a
>first-time feast-crat (hey, can't please everyone, but the lady came very,
>very close as far as *I* am concerned).
>Saturday was MUCH colder than advertised in advance (Friday night I don't
>know how cold it got, by my toes are still in rebellion and I am rushing
>through mail so I can try and catch up on sleep). Much praise to the
>individuals who arranged for the merchants to have the walled pavillion with
>heater for space. (We were cozy, but we survived - if not for the shelter, I
>could not have continued out-of-doors...)
>Amra / Kihe / Mike

I am disappointed in you......
As one of the founding members in Mooneschadow and having been raised just
south of the Wasteland I would think that you would know and be prepared
for Northern Ansteorra's random weather.  Perhaps living in the more
comfortable climate of central Ansteorra has soften your skin?  :-)

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