Crown Tournament

moonbeam at moonbeam at
Mon Jan 27 05:26:02 PST 1997

At 11:58 PM 11/25/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Well, I always say, better late than never. I finally got my pictures from
Crown tourney back, and thought if anyone wanted to see them I might as
well scan them. I have a few if anyone is interested, mail me at
kcred at and I will forward them....a zip of all the files (14 total)
is about 720k but I can send them separately if needed.
>Adlersrhue, Ansteorra
>m.k.a. Casey Hall
>Amarillo, TX
>Attachment Converted: "c:\eudora\attach\Crown Tournament"

	I know this is old but I have moved and just got things back up and
running.  I am probably doing something wrong but I can't seem to view the
attached file.  Any suggestions?
	Any help would be appreciated!


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