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Mon Jan 27 07:00:00 PST 1997

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	(BIG SNIP!)> 
> The classes I taught seemed to be well-received, although I certainly
> encourage feedback from participants. Class outlines are available in
> electronic form: again, my apologies for not getting them printed beforehand.
> The version to be distributed will be updated with contributions made by the
> participants, so there is some advantage...
> The one class I got to attend was a very good introduction to Norse poetic
> style. Thank You, Mikal

	Glad you liked it.  I snuck into one of your classes.  But I had
others trying to get my attention all day.  It's nice to see all these
people I "talk" to on this infernal machine!
	(small snip)
> If you have a low tolerance for cold, it is possibly better, m'lady. I will
> certainly be considering alternate sleeping arrangements (hotel, cabin, etc.)
> if I can make the trip next year.

May I heartily reccomend that?  My own difficulties with cold are strictly
due to my being a wimp and a sybarite in my old age.  Knowing that I had a
motel room with heat, hot shower, and cable made the cold on site a lot
easier to take.
	Don't get me wrong, I'll warm-weather camp for weeks on end, and
ridicule the young folks who run into town for hamburgers and air
conditioning.  Heat is nothing!  But cold and arthritis does not make for
a happy bard.

> Well, to be honest I *have* to: One of the poles for the tent I used the last
> two nights is disintegrating and may not be worth repairing for other than
> "spare / gear tent" usage. Hey, such a deal I got: poor little earth-pimple
> has been through flood, dust storm, thunderstorm, and three boys and *still*
> lasted nearly seven years so far...
> Amra / Kihe / Mike

	Hey, I never did get to the merchant's tent.  I wanted to see your
wares...I don't suppose there is another close event I could get to, Is

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