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Pug Bainter pug at
Mon Jan 27 13:01:08 PST 1997

Good Morning,

  I have been working on adding more mailing lists, and other
  information, to the Ansteorra web pages. I found that I ran out of SCA
  wide and Ansteorra regional mailing lists that I knew of or could find.
  I know I am missing several.

  Now I call on you to help me flush out the list.

  If you know of an SCA or Ansteorra mailing list that I could include
  on the Web page, please send me the information on how to subscribe to
  it, as well as the mailing list software if you know it. (If not, I
  can usually figure it out.)

  To see what I've got so far, please check out:

  Unfortunately there will be a seperate form for different mailing lists
  since they are being hosted on different servers. I am hoping to resolve
  that problem in a future modification of the web page.

  Thank you for your help in this matter.

In Service,

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