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Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Mon Jan 27 16:20:10 PST 1997

>  If you know of an SCA or Ansteorra mailing list that I could include
>  on the Web page, please send me the information on how to subscribe to
>  it, as well as the mailing list software if you know it. (If not, I
>  can usually figure it out.)

Well, I've got a few you don't have.

sca-dance: sca-dance-request at

Two tablet weaving lists:          
cards-l:                      listproc at
(sca oriented)

tabletweaving-digest:         Majordomo at
(also in non-digest form)

Then there are several lists that while not SCA specific deal with 
certain aspects of our group. Specifically I'm thinking of H-Costume, 
RENDANCE, and ECD (English Country Dance). Do you want these as well?


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