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Tue Jan 28 08:14:46 PST 1997


I went to Lillies War last year with Ld Theodoric from Tempio. It's 
approximately 10-12 hours from Temple, TX which makes it 11-13 hours 
from Austin (Brynn Gwalad) depending on how fast or slow you drive. 
It's up near Kansas City, KN.

It's a nice little war. Estrella had 3500 fighters on the field last 
year and Gulf had what? 1200? I can't remember. Lillies had 800 - 
1000. It's an *intra* knigdom war (Calontir) so it doesn't get the 
numbers that other *inter* kingdom wars do.

I still had a good time. I love wars, what can I say? Merchants are 
pretty good. In some ways it's bigger than Gulf was last year 
(merchants) and in other ways smaller (number of fighters on the 

The weather is pretty warm with high humidity. You'll come off the 
field soaked so drink LOTS of fluids.

Their directions aren't always the best so make sure you get lots of 
different sources for your directions.

I would encourage Ansteorra to attend Lillies War. For some of us it's 
closer than Gulf.

I hope that this was helpful.

Grace and Peace,

Jovian Skleros

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