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Tzigane at xyadh at ttacs1.ttu.edu wrote:

>Hey, can anyone giv eme an idea about what to expect at Estrella?  This 
>will be my first year to go and I'd like as much info. as possible.  
>Also, it would be interesting to find out who is going, especially from 
>the West Texas area.
>Laboring in Law,

Lots of merchants!!!!  You can literally take nothing with you and get fully
equipped, all your meals, garb, armor and shelter, plus LOTS of
pretties..from Salamander Armory's real pattern-welded steel to m'lady's
finest silk embroidery thread.  Lots of fighting of all kinds, tower sieges
(now it's illegal to throw yourself off the tower, <pout>), bridge battles,
huge open field battles...you name it, they've got it.  Weather...prepare
for anything, particularly wet.  I've seen anything from 85 to freezing, or
rain to soak everything.  Take lots of sturdy plastic trash bags, it's an
easy way to make sure you have dry garb and food if it gets wet.  Estrella
is in the desert, and while you watch the orange trees go by the window,
remember that a WARM cloak can be your best friend (slender fighters, please
note...hypothermia is NOT your friend).  Like Grand Outlandish, drink LOTS
of water because it's really easy to forget that it's a desert area.  There
are showers!!!!  Arts and Sciences, bardic activities, fencing, sometimes a
tavern (a real one).........basically something for everyone.

Hope this give you an overview. ;-)


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