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Tue Jan 28 16:57:36 PST 1997

Greetings unto Tzigane, who asked:

>Hey, can anyone giv eme an idea about what to expect at Estrella?  This 
>will be my first year to go and I'd like as much info. as possible.  
>Also, it would be interesting to find out who is going, especially from 
>the West Texas area.

They were chipping ice out of the fire buckets the day before I got to
the one Estrella War I've gotten to. This is still February, even in
Arizona. Also most of the site is very sandy.

The Phoenix airport is not that far from the site and at least some
years there have been shuttles to the site. That is what I did the one
year I went. It just happened that I had business meetings in Phoenix
the Friday before and the Monday after the War...

You can get more details in this file which is in the PENNSIC section of
my SCA Rialto Files:
BP-Thingie-art    (38K)             Bart's Pennsic guidebook w. Estrella

There is a little bit in this file, which is in the UNCLASSIFIED section, but
as you can see I haven't updated it in awhile. But some info, such as that
on the the type of weather to prepare for doesn't change from year to year.

Estrella-msg      (15K)  3/16/92    The Estrella War, near Phoenix, AZ.

These files can be found at:

Stefan li Rous
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