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Tue Jan 28 13:52:13 PST 1997

	AHHHHH! someone who wishes to know about Lilies?  Let me try to
help you;
	Being local to the war, I do not know how far the site is from
your location.  I am five to six hours out of Tulsa in KC, Missouri.  If
that helps...
	As to where it is:  At Smithville Lake, outside of Kansas City,
(About 1 hour from my front door.)  On about 100 acres of land.  Lovely
place, and the locals like us.  They send in a van to sell ice, firewood,
and icecream pops, (we talked him into playing Celtic music on his loud
speaker.  It's kind of Period/non-period Kitch!)
	The weather, like all weather in Mo. is changeable.  It is a safe
bet to say it will be warm, (anywhere from 80 to 100 degrees.) It has
rained, (Anywhere from one to three inches), and usually gets about 1300
	As it compares to Pensic?  IMHO it is like the great war was
around ten years ago.  Not too huge.  Lots of parties.  Lots of fighting.
Lots to do.  No electricity.
	So far, I have yet to run into anyone who doesn't have a good
time.  The war is never Calontir vs. (fill in the blank).  We don't do
	This year the theme is the thirty year war:  All those over thirty
against all those under thirty.  (We love a fun theme!)  Camping space is
easy to come up with.  There is potable water on site, cold water showers,
lots of porta-castles, a nice amount of merchants, and the courts usually
don't go too long.
	Another highlight is the fireworks display...but to describe that
would be futile.  The artist who does that is planning different ones each
year, so the display changes constantly.
	And you get wandering bards...(like me :) )
	The website is at:
   Linkname: Lilies War 1997 
	Now, as to whether I like it or not?  I am probably a bit biased,
but I find it to be a lot more fun than the bigger events I have been to.
The campers seem more friendly, and the war seems less "serious" to the
fighters.  The location is close to stores and such.  And having a lake
nearby is quite nice...
	However, the local boat owners do tend to park their fiberglass
monstrosities nearby and watch the goings on quite a bit. 
	All in all I would say it is a fun time.  Take my word for it, you
wanna go.

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