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> /> One of the most common jokes in the Barony of Loch Sollier is if
> you /> would like someone to quit playing in the Barony- pray the
> Crown /> would make them a Knight. />                               
>              Baron Bors /That's really quite sad.  I always get
> discouraged when I hear wry /jokes that peerages seem to be given
> out as "going away presents".  /But then I'm one of those weird
> people who doesn't believe someone /should accept a peerage unless
> they can live up to the "continue /their efforts as they have until
> now" part. / /Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne, OP
> /Barony of Caerthe /Kingdom of the Outlands
> It is sad that in our Kingdom the road to Knighthood seems to be so
> difficult and by the time they get to that position they have
> sacrificed so much in other areas of their lives that they just
> burn. The Knights (and Crown) seem to have set a standard of
> maturity (and/or "social skills") level along with fighting ability
> far exceeding what it took for the majority of the Circle to attain
> their peerage.  And Gods forbid that anyone be on the track of the
> ellusive bird.
> Lorraine DeerSlayer  

Greetings Lorraine and Ansteorra:

Pardon me for falling so far behind, but school has started with a

The discussion of standards for elevation going up over time is an
interesting question and one that surfaces from time to time.  I per-
sonally have no problem with the maturity or social skills level 
raised; no slam on any particular area, but I've been distressed at
those very qualities, or the less than acceptable levels, I've en-
countered in some of the peers I've worked with or run across.

I do understand the frustration, however, of seeing the "they've
climbed into the attic and pulled the ladder up after them" syn-
drome.  I don't know exaclty what to tell you.  I know that in par-
ticularly the Laurels' case, we're finding out new things about
how "they did it back then" that make some of the old skills used
and recognized for the Laurellate obsolete.  Like academic schol-
ars, they were acting in good faith at the time; it's not the fault 
the early Laurels if the knowledge base has moved ahead, and 
they should not be penalized by losing their peerage.  Rather, I
would hope they would be eager to learn what is new.

As for knighthood, like modern athletics, the techniques and
speed have advanced.  As for personal qualities, well...I would hope
to see only the most courteous and chivalric gentles advanced
and hope that they would serve as a role model to those who were
perhaps advanced ahead of their time.

All of this bearing in mind that perfection is not attainable and
that we are all human and have bad days.  :-)

Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne, OP
Barony of Caerthe
Kingdom of the Outlands

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