Lion of Ansteorra

maddie teller-kook meadhbh at
Tue Jul 1 04:09:14 PDT 1997

Aquillanne, Meadhbh here...
I happen to agree 100%.  I am sure many a worthy candidate did not
receive this wonderful honor due to just inability to be at
the right place at the right time.  And who knows if the succeeding
crown will see fit to bestow that award on that person.  I know this is
a personal decision for the crown, but I too find it a bit harsh to deny
honoring an individual because they could not be present to receive the

just my 2 cents...

dennis grace wrote:
> Speaking of the Lion of Ansteorra, I've read in some postings that this
> award, which can only be awarded once in a reign, cannot be awarded in
> absentia. Some folk have tried to explain why, some even citing that that is
> the "rule" (I'm still not sure about that; I don't always remember precisely
> what I've read).  I'm a little confused; if the crown has labored long upon
> this decision and chosen a worthy recipient--say, towards the end of the
> reign--and the potential recipient isn't able to make it to that event, then
> they're just SOL? It would seem to me, apart from the obvious desire of all
> involved that the recipient be able to accept such a wonderful recognition
> in person, that the *recognition* being expressed is at least as important
> as having the recipient present; not to mention that it doesn't seem fair to
> just deny the recipient this possibly once-in-a-lifetime honor just because
> the crown's decision may have been made late in the reign and/or something
> came up to prevent the recipient from making that event. I mean, traditions
> can be nice, but this scenario just doesn't seem quite fair to me. Am I
> missing some information here, perhaps?
> Aquilanne

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