Mark Harris mark_harris at
Tue Jul 1 08:29:34 PDT 1997

HRH and soon to be ruler of this great land, Kein said:

>Third. Take a break from the Ansteorran heat (No guarantee. One year I 
>went and the heat was just like home, but it's usually cooler.) 
>Everybody come to Pennsic. It will be great.

But I thought reservations at Pennsic were now closed. I gave up going
this year back in May when I couldn't find transportation. Are you now
saying that those who make it up there are now welcome in the Ansteorran
encampment even if they didn't pre-register?

Stefan li Rous
 (Who has been lucky enough to make the great pennsic pilgrimage three
times - every other year XXI, XXIII and XXV.)

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