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>Perhaps I'm missing a subtle distinction between the Lions of Atenvedt and
>Ansteorra, but I understood the Lion to be an award given entirely at the
>discretion of the Crown.  In the case of a peerage, succeeding Crowns have
>the collective consciousness and memory of the peer circles to ensure that
>some Crown eventually recognizes an as-yet unrecognized peer.  As you, Sir
>Galen, have noted, Crowns do not necessarily share a common vision with
>regard to the Lion.  For that reason, I would have to second Mistress
>Meadhbh's concern that an unrecognized Lion might remain so.
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>Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

One thing that I think we are missing here is that every Crown goes in
knowing that the have only one Lion to give.  I think that we need to put
some of the responsibility on the Crown to not leave something this
important until the last minute.  They should be aware of who they are
going to honor before their final court and can quietly check and see what
events that person is going to be at.  If the person is not likely to be at
Coronation then give it sooner.  I understand the delima of balancing what
it "tradition" and what is far.  That really is up to each Crown.  As Duke
Lloyd told me at this most recent Steppes Warlord.  The Lion is to
represent the person who in the mind of each Crown represents the best of
the SCA.  As has been pointed out this can cover a lot of territory.  That
is why I posted my original Question.
What is a Lion?  What is it in your mind that describes the essence of a
Lion of Ansteorra?

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald

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