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Stefan li Rous wrote: 

>But I thought reservations at Pennsic were now closed. I gave up going
>this year back in May when I couldn't find transportation. Are you now
>saying that those who make it up there are now welcome in the 
>encampment even if they didn't pre-register?
>Stefan li Rous
> (Who has been lucky enough to make the great pennsic pilgrimage three
>times - every other year XXI, XXIII and XXV.)
It is my understanding that reservations are not closed. You may 
preregister until July 30th, I think. What is closed is the cutoff date 
for land allotment. The stewards at Pennsic are now drawing up maps and 
giving out land to groups based on the number of people in each group 
who preregistered before June 15th. If you decide to go now, the 
Pennsic stewards will only give you camping space in "unassigned 
If we now accept all Ansteorrans into the Ansteorran encampment who did 
not preregister, then we are using up the space of someone who DID 
preregister. While I think that we may have some extra room, we may 
not, and it is impossible for me to tell before we are on site. We 
would certainly expect any Ansteorrans who are camping in "unassigned 
territory" to spend as much of their days or evenings as they wish in 
the hospitality of the Ansteorran encampment. I am only concerned that 
we may not have the room to put up your tent. 
The tenets of hospitality require me to say that any Ansteorran will be 
welcome in our camp, and I sincerely hope that everyone can stay in the 
same place. The tenets of hospitality also suggest that a guest should 
not overtax his host. If you did not preregister, then you are the 
guest of every Ansteorran who did.
So, if you have not preregistered for Pennsic, Come anyway! And if we 
can't find room for you, then you can camp with fellow procrastinating 
scadians from all over the world. Meet new friends! Then come and sing 
and fight and cook and march and build and drink with your friends from 
home. It will be fun.

Prince Kein

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