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Wed Jul 2 10:16:01 PDT 1997

> Sir Lyonel said:
>        My point is that we have to remember to take a moment to honor the
>       defeated along with the victors.  Point out to your squires and
students not
>        only the speed, accuracy, and power of the telling blow but also
the grace
>        and strength with which it is accepted.

Very well said.  I hold dear that very concept spoken many times by my Knight.
        If it were not for the honor of your opponent in acknowledging the blow,
         you can not win. 
In turn, if I ever want to win a bout, I must, on my honor, call the blow
given me with just as much equaility that I would expect him/her to call my
blow with, wheither or not they do.  The act of robbing another fighter of
his/her victory by intentionally not calling a blow is, in reality, robbing
yourself of far great things ...  integrity, resepct, etc.  Afterall,
actions speak louder than words.

In my short time with the SCA, I have also seen many bouts that have been so
disgraceful that, recently, it has made me reflect on why should I continue
fighting.  Is it worth it?  But, with help, I have come to a new realization
that it is worth it for all the good and honorable acts that I have seen,
for the smile on my husband's face when I learn a new shot or fight well,
for just the chance to inspire someone else with my love of the FUN of the
fight, for the wonderful look of suprise on my opponent's face when I throw
a shot he/her was not expecting. :-)  In words of advice, from a very
honorable and repectable man,  don't allow the actions of the unchivalrous
take way your fun and dream; that is a victory they are not worthy.  

> The next generation is watching.  We _can_ have an effect.

Thank you.  You have.
There have been several good posts.  I really liked "The Belt" sent by Sir
Burke.  Thank you.    

Lady Britta MacGregor, squire to his Grace Duke Inman

Est Sularus oth Mithas!
My honor is my life!
(phrase on my lord's shield)

{royalty check is in the mail :-) }

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