Lion of Ansteorra

ND Wederstrandt nweders at
Tue Jul 1 06:08:43 PDT 1997

Unto Lyonel and Aquilanne,

        Custom in our Kingdom says that we prefer that the Lion be given
out only if the individual is in attendence at the event.  It doesn't mean
anything else but that.  It doesn't have to be proven whether or not it is
fair, it is tradition.  And if we wanted to do it different why we probably
would change it.   For us in this Kingdom the Lion holds a very special
significance; it is based on that person,and who they are in total. Many
people would rather get a Lion which carries no precedence than receive a
peerage. It is given to the person that that Crown, with the advise of
whomever they wish, feels best represents those ideals and goals of the
Kingdom during that Crown's reign.  To be part of group of people such as
Ragnar, Orm, Mari, Edwin and such is indeed a great honor.

        I am curious since the concept of the Lion originated for us from
Atenveldt how it is handled to our neighbors to the West?  Does the award
get handed out automatically or do they skip reigns.  Did Artemsia and the
Outlands continue the tradition and how have they handled when and how they
give it out. Since both of you have strong ties to Artemsia and Atenveldt,
(since you have so recently lived there) maybe you could explain these
Kingdom attitudes about the Award.  I am sure that their customs and
traditions are different than ours since you seem to question ours.



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