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OK, Burke, I'll take you up on this.  To me, a Lion of Ansteorra is a   
who provides an example of how our game is played.  They don't
necessarily do any one thing so well or so much as to earn a peerage
(though of course a majority of the Lions are peers), but their overall
conduct makes them an exemplar of what an SCA member and an
Ansteorran should be.

I am aware that several Crowns have not shared this view.  Some have
been given to reward service, counsel, and even friendship.  But the
above is my view of what that order should be.

 - Galen of Bristol
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We have been talking off and on about the Lion of Ansteorra.  I would be
interested in hearing what everyone description / definition of a Lion   
Don't just name a person, we all can do that.  But see if you can   
what you feel is the essence of a Lion of Ansteorra.  By the way, I am   
sure there is a wrong answer to this question.

In Service to the Dream

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald
Kingdom of Ansteorra

mka. Burke McCrory
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