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Angela M Viator av4 at
Tue Jul 1 23:22:55 PDT 1997

just thought I'd share a little tidbit of my SCA life with y'all.
at fight practice this past Sunday I was the only female in non-combat
garb. I was sitting, watching FP when a four year old, nonSCA child
approached me and inquired if I was the princess. I knew she would not
understand my explanation but could not at the same time lie to her, I'm
not. when I told her this she asked if I was pretending to be "kind of"
was all I could reply with. 
this made me think/realize that we are doing exactly what we (or at least
I) always wanted to do as a child...keep on playing pretend/dress up. I
hope someday she joins as, but as for now her father is concerned she'll
get hurt by the fighters, which is a valid concern, however I like to
think we are safe and all invovled with the SCA know to yell hold should a
halfling wander too close, and moreover that all fighters know to freeze
when a hold is called.
it wasn't really a moment where I felt like I'd actually passed back in
time to the real middle ages, but it was magical for me nonetheless.
espiero sonar,

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