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Tue Jul 8 21:48:23 PDT 1997

To: kal35810 at (Kathy Lee)
Subject: Re: Pennsic

Hey Sweetie Here's the information for me I'll send
one for Kief and Kris too. Kief and I will be in the
same tent, but we plan on putting one up for storage

Hope everything is going well
Many hugs. When are you going to be at the Duck.
I forgot the date.


Ansteorran Pennsic Information Form

Please Submit One Form per Tent

Note:  This form is for IN-KINGDOM USE ONLY;
You still must complete and mail the Pennsic Pre-Registration Form
by 6/1/97 in order to reserve land at the war.

SCA NAME(s):Lorraine Deer Slayer

Mundane Name(s): Daphna Lorraine Yackey 

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 7275, Huntsville TX 77342

Telephone Number: 409-293-8912 

E-Mail Address: stddly at

Have you sent in your PAID ($60) pre-registration form? YES


Group you are planning to camp with at the war (Barony, shire, household, etc.):
You?/Raven's Fort
Does you group have a common pavilion? Yes 	 	Size? 10x10

Your tent size: 8x10

Is your tent a period pavillion? No

Will you be cooking in camp? Yes

Will you be setting up a camp shower? Not known at this time

How late will your group be out at the war (at night):
10pm	Midnight	2 am	all night     Depends on the Knight

Approximate arrival date: 8-8-97

Is this your first pennsic? NO

Any special needs? NO


When complete, please mail / e-mail to:

HL Katerina Aretino  (Kathy Lee)
3601 Allen Parkway, #1413
Houston, TX  77019

KAL35810 at

(713) 523-4418  (no calls after 10:30 pm, please)

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