Fw: Loch Guardian Tourney July 11th -- 13th

Cecily Garland/Deborah Raney cecily at eden.com
Thu Jul 3 18:25:51 PDT 1997

From: Joe Wolf <"JOE.B.WOLF"@[NO-SPAM]conoco.dupont.com>
To: aquinas at eden.com
Date: Thursday, July 03, 1997 1:29 PM
Subject: Loch Guardian Tourney July 11th -- 13th

>Greetings dear Cousin of the Society!
>   I am Lord Manfred Wolf of the Barony of Loch Soilleir and I beg your
>assistance!  I am a first-time Autocrat, and I find myself in quite a
>predicament.  My event, LOCH GUARDIAN, is a good size tourney bestowing
>4 titles (Chivalric champion, Rapier champion, A&S, and Bardic).  But
>the rains of May drowned us out!  We've rescheduled - but arranging a
>new site, deciding an open date, an autocrat who moved, etc prevented us
>from getting an announcement in the _BlackStar_.  We are forced to use
>this electronic medium to try and spread the word!
>   Please pass this missive either electronically or hard-copy to any
>and all of our society cousins.  Feel free to cut/paste any or all of
>the copy, but please help spread the word! 
>   On July 11th -- 13th, among the shady and cool pines of Lake Houston
>State Park (North of Houston) will take place the LOCH GUARDIAN
>Tourney.  There will be something for everyone!  Chivalric and Rapier
>Swiss-5 tourneys, Title Bard competition, Loch Artisan competition, an
>Archer's Duel, a themed obstacle course, even boffer dagger-duels by
>torchlight!  Many hand-crafted prizes have been commissioned for the
>title winners.  All of this will take place the weekend *AFTER*  the 4th
>of July... a perfect time!  The Kingdom calendar reads "OPEN."
>   Site fee is $6 and there is plenty of camping space, and
>motels/hotels are close to the site.  Bardic circles are planned for the
>evening, along with the dagger duels!  This should prove to be a
>memorable event.  A feast, featuring shish-ka-bobs, pilafs, sauces
>extreme, and more will be offered for $4.  Our cook is Her Ladyship
>Tegan, a name among feastcrats! (And I can personally vouch for her
>   Merchants are encouraged, welcomed, and assisted!  In fact, merchants
>may barter for their site fees with the proceeds going into the prize
>coffers!  An auction will also be held, so take this opportunity to
>practice for the Pennsic buying-spree!
>   Site opens on Friday, June 11th at 6pm and closes Sunday at Noon. 
>   From Houston take 59 north to New Caney exit,  travel east two miles
>to Baptist Encampment Road, turn south for 1.5 miles to park entrance.
>We had no trouble finding the site, and drive time was all of 30 minutes
>from the city!  Look for the signs!
>Some of the competitions and prizes -
> Loch Guardian (Chivalric): Title, pressed shield blank, rattan, plus
> Loch Champion (Rapier): Title, buckler, new blade, plus "chest"
> Loch Artisan (A&S): Title, wooden A&S lap desk, plus "chest"
> Bard O'the Loch: Title, hand-tooled leather portfolio, plus "chest"
> Archer's Duel: Hand-tooled leather quiver in Loch colors
> Obstacle Course: Crystal decanter
> Rogue O'the Loch (boffer): Title(?), Bag O'Loot
>We hope to see YOU there!  Thanks again for spreading the word!
> Lord Manfred Wolf
> Barony of Loch Soilleir  (Clear Lake, TX)
>mka Joe Wolf 

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