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>We have been talking off and on about the Lion of Ansteorra.  I would be
>interested in hearing what everyone description / definition of a Lion is.
>Don't just name a person, we all can do that.  But see if you can describe
>what you feel is the essence of a Lion of Ansteorra.  By the way, I am not
>sure there is a wrong answer to this question.
Since I asked this question, I should give my answer.

A Lion of Ansteorra is a person who has raised their level of play to the
point that the individual dividing line separating their person (mundane)
and persona (SCA) is no longer discernable.  They have achieved such a
total integration of their persona that is no longer a act, but is a part
of their everyday life.  

Name any Lion of Ansteorra and I think you will see that they pass this test.

In Service to the Dream

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald
Kingdom of Ansteorra

mka. Burke McCrory
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