Ansteorran Tripple Crown

James Crouchet jtc at
Sun Jul 6 17:14:29 PDT 1997

Queen's is coming up for Ansteorra. In a break with tradition it will 
be held Saturday morning of Coronation, BEFORE the actual Coronation 

Besides the possibility of winning Queen's champion, competitors in 
the tourney will also be considered for the Queen's Blade of Honor. 
Alisha will chose the next holder of that honor, and he or she will 
be expected to work as a team with the Queen's champion to perform 
those duties that have traditionally been expected of an Ansteorran 
Queen's Champion.

Both jobs will involve a lot of traveling to far flung parts of the
kingdom, serving the Queen as everything from gopher to ambassador,
honor guard to grunt. You must be diplomatic, well mannered, dress
well, be willing to work, be a self starter, know that you cannot
repeat the private things you hear to anyone, and have the judgment
to know which actions are appropriate for your position and which are
not. You must also be able to attend MANY events and to meet the
financial burden all that traveling will entail. When you get to an
event it will be your job to look to HER needs, so having a support
crew to take care of you is not a bad idea either.

If you cannot be at an event with her, YOU are responsible for 
arranging for one or more RELIABLE replacements. If you accept either 
of these jobs, be ready to DO THE JOB. If you cannot, do not accept.

Queen's is also our chance to show off for the Queen and let her know
how dear she is to us. Each of you should plan some small special
something for her, whether it is a flower, a flowery introduction, a
SHORT poem, a few words of respect or whatever. Take a few moments to
pay your respects to Alisha and show her you are there because of
HER, not just hoping to win some tourney. Keep it VERY short (no
ballads, long stories, epic poems, etc.) so we all have a chance to
see her. Even if you do not plan to fight you should do this.

Alisha want's to see schlager at her tourney, so if you are 
authorized plan on bringing your gear.

If you are not authorized to fight schalger but you feel you are
ready, e-mail me NOW and I will try to set up sessions to get you
authorized. Remember, we will not be able to authorize you just before
the tourney, so plan to get that out of the way ahead of time.
There is not much time left, so do it now.

Here is a tentative schedule For Queens/ Coronation/ Kings:

  8:00 am court
  9:00 am Queen's Tourney (Don Jasper)
  noon goofs
  1:00 pelicans
  2:00 laurels
  3:00 knights
  4:00 centurions
  5:00 feast
  6:00 final court
  8:00 coronation Kein & Alisha
  10:00 white scarves
  - Sunday
  9:00  Baron's breakfast
  10:30 King's champion (Sir Conor)

This schedule is VERY tight, so don't be late for your activity. The 
schedule is, of course, subject to change without notice, but don't 
count on that to save you.

PS - Buy Ansteorran Triple Crown T-Shirts! Help support the Pensic
Tower Project for Ansteorra! I am guessing they will cost $10 - $15, 
according to printing costs.

Don Dore (Savein)

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