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  This would be good.  The only thing I saw was a posting on the Rialto
  from a BoD member saying "no alchohol with SCA funds" (not the one I was
  replying to, by the way).  Nothing about a cooking.  Does anyone have
  the minutes handy?

The best information I have to hand,says the policy language is:
    "The SCA will not purchase or provide alcoholic beverages for
    events, other than for use as a cooking ingredient, within the
    United States of America.  Attendees may bring their own alcohol if
    the site permits, and assume all risks and responsibilities by
    doing so.  Branches outside of the USA may purchase and serve
    alcohol in accordance with their own government regulations."


I got this off the Cooks list. Funny, but I was told that we were never allowed to
get funds from the SCA for alcohol in cooking.  



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