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The Baronies of Bjornsborg and Bryn Gwlad
are proud to present

	Queen"s Champion Tourney

The festivities will span two full days, July 25th-27th, during which
Their Royal Highnesses, Kein MacEwan and Alisha MacLeod will ascend
the throne and both Queen"s and King"s Champions will be chosen.

On Saturday morning, come and wonder at great feats of courage and
skill, as the best rapier combatants in the Kingdom compete for the
honor of being Queen"s Champion.  Can you choose whom the Champion
might be?  The tourney will begin promptly at 9:00 A.M.  Her Highness
requests, but does not require, that participants send letters of

Coronation will take place Saturday evening.  Come celebrate with us
the Final Court of Their Beloved Majesties, Mahdi and Valeria, and the
Glory and Pageantry of the Crowning of Our Royal Highnesses, Kein and

On Sunday morning, our Noble Chivalric Brethren will take to the
Lists, until one comes away Champion to the King!

Circles will meet Saturday:  Noon, Great Officers of State; 1:00,
Pelicans; 2:00., Laurels; 3:00, Chivalry; 4:00, Centurions; 10:00
White Scarves.  Territorial Barons will meet for breakfast on Sunday,
9:00 A.M.

The Head Cook, Lady Seraphina Moslowska, Her Excellency Katherine
Sommerfield and their associates will be preparing a delicious and
refreshing feast for your enjoyment.  The menu will include marinated
beef, chicken, tossed salad, rice, chilled fruit, and sherbet.  Feast
is limited to 300 gentles, so please contact Catherine de Calais,
(210) 826-9565, to assure that you may partake.  Please bring your
tables and chairs.

Merchants are welcome, and are asked to display their period wares.
On Sunday morning, the Ansteorran Longship Project will be presenting
an Omelet breakfast for the reasonable price of $3.00.

The Festivities will be held at the beautiful Lakewood Recreation
Center in Gonzales, TX.  The site opens at 4:00 P.M. Friday and closes
at 5:00 P.M. Sunday.  Site fee will be $7.00 for adults, $3.00 for
children under 12.  No family will pay more than $20.00 for site.
Feast fee is $5.00.  There is electricity  and running water and
showers and flush privies are available.  

Pets are allowed on site with official (written) proof of vaccination.
Minors must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian, with waiver.
Parents are expected to vigilantly attend their children, for the
beauty of the river belies a strong current.  

All gentles are urged to consult site maps to locate areas reserved
for drumming, merchants, the list, and parking.  Parking is limited,
so sharing rides is encouraged.  Cars must be removed to parking areas
by 8:00 AM Saturday.  We are requested to maintain a 10 mph speed
limit while on site, and to refrain from parking near the docks, where
they will hinder the launching of boats.

Information about the Gonzales region may be obtained from the
Gonzales Chamber of Commerce (210) 672-6532. 

The site is located about 4 miles West of the intersection of Hwy 183
and Alt-90.  From I-10, take Hwy 183 S, turn right on Alt-90 and
travel about 4 miles W.  The Lakewood Rec. Area is marked with a large
sign.  Site is at the end of the indicated road.  Beware of deer! (map
NOT to scale!)

Catherine de Calais
Jean Pou
(210) 826-9565
2638 Lovelace Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78217

Rapier Letters of Intent
 Alisha MacLeod
Barbara Carroll
12011 Rotherham Dr.
Austin, TX  78753

Isobel Grace Hadleigh
Gail P. Taylor
(210) 690-1116
13123 Woller Creek
San Antonio, TX  78249

Jessica White
4335 Vance Jackson #106
San Antonio, TX  78228

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