Kathy Lee kal35810 at
Fri Jul 11 13:18:06 PDT 1997

I got the letter today -- we have 60 people pre-registered with Ansteorra at
pennsic.  We are camping on "N8", which used to be "NE4", with the Barony of
Therscorre and the Barony of Delftwood.

If you have pre-registered, and you have not sent me any information on your
tent size and the group you want to camp with, I will not be able to map out
a space for you at the war.  There are 60 people registered, and I only have
37 info sheets.

When you arrive at the war, look on the map in the tent next to the troll
booth for the exact location of our land.  (It's about 4 blocks north of
troll, at the corner of Brewer's Rd and Wainwright's Rd.)

See you there!  And remember, if you have not pre-registered, you can still
go to the war.  Our campsite will be full, but there is plenty of room in
open camping, and you can still come hang out with us --- or, meet new people!


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