Lion of Ansteorra

James Crouchet jtc at
Fri Jul 11 21:24:16 PDT 1997

> >A Lion of Ansteorra is a person who has raised their level of play to the
> >point that the individual dividing line separating their person (mundane)
> >and persona (SCA) is no longer discernable.  They have achieved such a
> >total integration of their persona that is no longer a act, but is a part
> >of their everyday life.  

I'm going to venture a guess here and say I suspect you are saying a 
Lion is someone who does not bring their mundane identity to an 
event and who understands the lessons of the past on a personal 
level, not someone who can no longer distinguish between reality and 

> Personally I think that Lions, based on the examples I have seen,
> are those individuals who really provide atmosphere for the rest
> of us.


> I don't think a Lion is a Lion for themselves, although I know they
> find the persona play to be fun, but I think the real reason they
> are a Lion is that they really do it for everyone else.

Well said. Lions are why we don't all just stay home and play 
dress-up in our own living rooms. The opportunity to be around these 
people who make history come alive is worth all the troubles it costs 

M. Dore

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