New Black Star Info.....and an apology

claryce at claryce at
Fri Jul 11 23:13:07 PDT 1997

On Thursday, July 10,1997, At 8:00 pm, I posted a letter to the net 
regarding the transfer of the office of the Kingdom Chronicler.

At that time, I had reason to believe, based on various inputs, that I would 
not receive cooperation from Barat Fitzwalter Reynolds.I spoke with the 
Corporate Chronicler, and she approved the version that I printed.

Unfortunately, I hit the "panic button" a mere 1 hour too soon.

Such is the way of life sometimes.

Barat has since cooperated fully with the transfer of office.  He produced 
the August issue of the Black Star, in it's entirety, with the exception of 
the Regnum (and the disclaimer).  I replaced the officers' listing with one 
reflecting the change of office.  This was done with Barat's verbal 
permission.  The Black Star is at the printer, and will go out as usual.

I, Claryce Rafial Orfevre, do herein publicly apologize for any problems, 
hassles, misunderstandings, and hard feelings that printing that message may 
have caused Barat Fitzwalter Reynolds.

I would like to thank everyone who responded to my premature plea for help, 
and would again mention that the "rush" info is not needed for the August 
issue.  The Black Star will go out on schedule.

Your *very* humbled servant,
Claryce Rafial Orfevre

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