Lion of Ansteorra

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Mon Jul 14 00:52:46 PDT 1997

Heilsa all Ansteorrans, Good and True...

To me, a Lion of this Fair Kingdom is a person that, in their unique way,
makes one believe... Believe in the Glory of our Banner... Believe in the
Greatness of our Artisans and Craftfolk... Believe in the Prowess of the
Warriors... Believe in the Dread Majesty of our Crown... Believe in the 
Honor and Chivalry and Trust and Love of our people for their Brothers and

A Lion of Ansteorra is that person that serves each of us a healthy dose of
Reality that can, and often does, take our breath away... Whether in the dust
and swirl of 

Melee... The swirl and glitter of Court... The glitter and polish of the 
Courtiers deft maneuvers... The polish and dulcet tones of a Bard plying her
craft before fireside companions gone rapt and lost in their own Dreams of
undying word-fame...
The Lion of Ansteorra is but an emblem draped about the neck... A simple thing
that comes to life and finds it's place in the Heart of the Sable Star as the
roar of the People of Ansteorra lofts Praise to the very sky...
A Lion of the Ansteorran People is one that can hold you enthralled by the
look on their face, the wordspell woven in the blaze of bright day, the shear
skill of their hands and minds... Of the gentle touch of a Warriors hardened
hands holding a tiny life craddled therein and singing a song to soften the
heart of the most jaded of men... 

The Lions of Ansteorra are part of our Lifesblood, of our Hopes and Dreams, 
that intangible thing we hold most Dear... We _are_ Ansteorrans, in all our
striving, all or successes and failures, our strengths and weaknesses, we
are, each of us, Unique and Singular... In this is our Power and our Greatness
our very Diversity allows us to _be_ all that we are... Of One Heart, of One 
Kingdom, of One Driving Passion... Each of us to be ourselves, to set those
improbable goals that push us to new heights, to tread new paths, to dare...
And to Succeed...!
A Lion of Ansteorra needs must embody all these things and more... Yet, they
could not exist with out each of you... For you define us... We draw our
strength from all of you, and but reflect your Dreams and Ideals... You, all
of you out there in the wilds of Barbarian, Rebellious, Headstrong, Stubborn,
and Glorious Ansteorra, are lions... Lions of the spirit that we Lions but
reflect... Our Glory is yours...fold it into your Hearts...keep it safe and
warm...polish it, burnish it, hold it high to gleam in the Light... Let all of
us strive to _be_ Heart and Deed... 
Wassail my kinfolk... For and for ever...
Sir Arenvald Kief av Kiersted, Baron Raven's Fort, Lion

Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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