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[Please feel free to forward this missive where you deem appropriate.]

Greetings and Heart-felt thanks from
      Lord Manfred Wolf, Event Steward (ret.) - Loch Guardian Tourney

Gentle Cousins of Our Society, I wish to thank each and every one of you for
your contributions to the Barony of Loch Soilleir's Guardian Tourney!
 Members of StarGate, RavensFort, and BorderMarch exemplified the legendary
hospitality and generosity that is Ansteorra. The success we enjoyed would
not have been possible without the aid you so cheerfully showed... thank

Now for the news...

Four new champions join the ranks of those who bear the honor of the Loch:

     Othar Morganson (StarGate)         Loch Guardian
     Don Modius (StarGate)         Champion of the Loch
     Katerina Aretino (StarGate)        Bard of the Loch
     Roger of York (StarGate)      Loch Artisan

Congratulations to both the individuals, and their home barony whom they
also honor with their victories!

The Archer's duel was won by Jonathan McCrownan of the Barony of Loch
Soilleir.  Jonathan's victory was so decisive, that Lord Petroya of Ravens
Fort - highly rated in the IKAC, and our Archery Marshall of the day - fell
to Jonathan's aim!

Our themed obstacle course was run by young and old alike... I still don't
know who enjoyed it more!  However, one Lord combined skill, speed, grace,
and wit to clock the lowest overall time:  Lord Iago of StarGate.  His
victory allowed him to brighten his Lady's feast table with the delicate,
etched-glass decanter which was the prize.

The final competition took place after dark... when rogues and scoundrels
make their way.  In a ring of torchlight, blades flashed... well, in truth,
they crinkled! The boffer-dagger duel was won by Lord Jean Pierre de Leon,
late of Ravens Fort.  I say "late of Ravens Fort" because after dispatching
all the other rogues and villains in the ring, Jean Pierre was knifed by His
Excellency Leofric!  JP was, after all, a self-named rogue, and Baron
Leofric was charged with enforcing the King's peace, so...

Baron Bors offered his traditional Highland Games.  Though I don't have the
winners names at hand, I do know that the Lady's division winner beat the
Men's division winner in almost all categories!  Vivat!

Thanks again to all who attended, competed, and assisted with the days
events!  We'll (hopefully) see you all again next year!!

Lord Manfred Wolf - Event Steward (ret.), Loch Guardian Tourney
Barony of Loch Soilleir, Ansteorra

"Whew!  I'm going to bed!"
            -- Manfred

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