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Chronique: The Journal of Chivalry
Questions of War & Chivalry

Several times per year Chronique posts a new series of questions for those
interested in various aspects of chivalric re-enactments; the questions are
circulated both via the web at the address below and via various email
lists. We strongly encourage any who are interested in these topics, no
matter what level of experience they have in fighting or in study, to offer
your answers. The best of the responses we receive will be selected and
included into the next printed edition of Chronique: The Journal of
Chivalry, our quarterly publication dedicated to those who have an interest
in knighthood, chivalry or the medieval tournament. 

Our current set of questions relates to WAR, both SCA and real. The editors
believe that these will prove let us say--stimulating--to say the least; it
should make for a good debate for our readers. 

To find out more or to answer via the web, follow the link below. If you
don't have access to the web, you can simply reply to this message and
answer the questions via email. Don't forget to include your names, both
SCA and mundane, address, and telephone number so that we can get you your
free issue of Chronique.


Brian R. Price, Editor
Brion Thornbird ap Rhys, Earl & Knight, OL
Chancellor, Company of Saint George

Questions of War & Chivalry
Chronique #17

Question #1: During the Hundred Years War, knights frequently burnt the
villages, churches, and crops. How could a knight justify such acts? 

Question #2: Should a knight pay a ransom to a recreant knight?

Question #3: There is often written in medieval chronicles references to
the 'laws of war', yet no such laws have been discovered. Do you think they
existed, and if they did, did they mean anything? 

Question #4: What should be done if a knight breaks the laws of war? What
if a squire does the same? A man at arms? 

Question #5: What is 'chivalry' in the context of a real medieval war? 

Question #6: In war, a knight on the losing side calls for single
combat--should it be granted by his opponents? 

Question #7: The medieval laws of war seem to be traditional rather than
written. Do we have anything similar in the SCA or in your own recreation
group? How do they work? 

Question #8: What is the finest expression of chivalry--courtesy or
prowess--you have witnessed in War? 

Question #9: Should archery be practiced in recreated medieval wars? If so,
how is the best done? If not, why not? 

Question #10: Does the chivalric code apply to those who are not Knights or
who have early period personas? 

Question #11: What do you think an SCA war simulates? Where is it
strongest? Weakest?  

We hope these questions generate interesting discussions--we inviteyour
comments and hope you
enjoy exploring the Knighthood, Chivalry &Tournaments library! 

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