Kathy Lee kal35810 at
Mon Jul 14 16:42:28 PDT 1997

I am posting this back to the list for everyone's benefit -- 

>We will not be able to attend Pennsic, despite us trying to go. We 
>have pre-registered, but have not sent for a refund yet.
>Is there any way someone else can use our land or pre-reg?

Unfortunately, pre-registrations are not transferable.  You could, perhaps,
"sell" your space to someone who doesn't want to be stuck in the open
camping area, but then that person would still have to pay the full site
fees at troll.  (Basically, they'd be paying twice - once for you and once
for themselves.)

Whatever you decide, make sure you let someone know by the end of the month.
There are no refunds once the war starts on August 2nd.  If I were you, I
wouldn't push this deadline too close.

Wish you could be there - 


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