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Mon Jul 14 20:50:42 PDT 1997

Been too long since I heard Enya but it did not sound like her it sounded like the
fantasy female warrior that has another show.....she has a CD coming out soon.

I liked the helms the wanna be Romans wore at the beginning for the slaughter. I am not
an armorer but can anyone else who saw this tell me if there is documentation for that
type of stuff? Or are we just stuck with another show with fantasy metal work? It looked
vaguely like Minoan death masks on a helm to me with chain mail over the mouth and neck.

All and all I like the cry for freedom and battle at the end. Very Brave Heart! Very
inspiring to go to war!

Let's see what Daud Bob has to say...


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: To: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG
: Subject: Roar
: Date: Monday, July 14, 1997 9:24 PM
: Since this list has been relatively quiet recently, did anyone else
: catch the series premire of "Roar"? Fox, Monday night, 8pm.
: I was skeptical, but rather enjoyed it. The soundtrack was very good, I
: beleive I caught some Lorena McKennet, possibly some Enya there.
: Plot is workable, and some of the costumes not bad. I'll probably
: continue watching it, hey, it's truly better than the current Robin
: Hood. anyone else?
: Britta the Red
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