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Outlands doesn't have an Order of the Lions because their Order of the
Walkers of the Way predates the Lions of Atenveldt.

I have been told, long ago, that the Lions of Atenveldt was modelled
on the Order of the Walkers of the Way, and then of course the Lions
of Ansteorra were modelled on the Lions of Atenveldt, and apparantly
in turn became the model for the Lions of An Tir.  Fascinating.

I was told that the badge of the Order of the Walkers of the Way was
designed to make reference to the arms of a long-ago Atenveldt king,
Ton the Traveller (whose arms may be seen on my personal website,
as I was later his squire).

 - Galen of Bristol
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The noble lady Clare asks:

>         I am curious since the concept of the Lion originated for us
>         from
> Atenveldt how it is handled to our neighbors to the West?  Does the
> award get handed out automatically or do they skip reigns.  Did
> Artemsia and the Outlands continue the tradition and how have they
> handled when and how they give it out.

I do not know what Artemisia's award structure is to be.  The
Outlands does not have a Lion (think about the initials for just a
sec...Lion Of the Outlands...whoops...).  I am not sure why this
is so, not being thoroughly versed in the lore of my adoptive
kingdom.  What we do have it the Walker of the Way (WOW :-))
for those who embody the ideals of the Dream (tm).

Now, *An Tir* on the other hand adopted and adapted the Lion of An
Tir in the (second?) reign of Tjorkill and Hlutwige.  I'm not sure
how that came about exactly, but I suspect they came to know of the
idea via Master Korwyn Ariannaid, who was living in the same barony
at the time.


Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne, OP
Barony of Caerthe
Kingdom of the Outlands

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