Michael F. Gunter mfgunter at
Tue Jul 15 08:00:30 PDT 1997

> Since this list has been relatively quiet recently, did anyone else
> catch the series premire of "Roar"? Fox, Monday night, 8pm.
> I was skeptical, but rather enjoyed it. The soundtrack was very good, I
> beleive I caught some Lorena McKennet, possibly some Enya there.
> Plot is workable, and some of the costumes not bad. I'll probably
> continue watching it, hey, it's truly better than the current Robin
> Hood. anyone else?
> Britta the Red
Yes, I rather looked forward to it.  I looked like it had promise in the teasers
but I must admit that I was astoundingly underwhelmed.  A lot of it looked 
pretty good, some of the armor, the swords, the sound and music quality.  But
it turned out to be just some molded together montage of pop culture and PC.
My lady and I rather enjoyed figuring out what movies they were stealing from
in each scene. (Look! There's Braveheart! Now Highlander! Help me Obi Wan Kenobi.)  The PCisms just started to get to me after awhile. There's the baby-faced
hero who has not had formal war training but nevertheless can take out seasoned
warriors with one blow, the old Sean Connery lookalike thats the fighter/mentor,
the scantily-clad warrior woman, and of course we need the requsite African-
American.  Oops! I almost forgot old Obi-Wan. I'm sorry but all of this just got
 to me for a tale of Celtic revolution.  All of the good guys were very good and
all of the bad guys are very evil.  I guess I was hoping for some depth.  

Please don't be offended, Britta. I agree with the Robin Hood comment but I 
don't watch that either.  I do like Hercules though.  "Roar" is visually
stunning and some of the costumes and armor are very nice.  But I'm happy that
I don't have to risk missing "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer".  Sorry about ranting,
I guess I was just disappointed.



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