Chivalry, Grace, and Women

Gregg Green gg4 at
Tue Jul 15 14:38:13 PDT 1997

I'm not really sure if I should get in the middle of all of this, being
from neither ironrose nor ansteorra but I had a discussion similar to this
just recently...(bear in mind these are my opinions only)

Yes, chivalry is different for men than for women, that's the base
premise.  Chivalry exists because of women.  Men try to gain the favor of
these most amazing, fantastic and beautiful creatures: women.  To do so
they must be courteous, polite and honorable.  That's the medieval ideal
we're (the sca) all shooting for here right?  

Now before I sink any farther into trouble, let me give a little story.
When I started fighting, not to terribly long ago, I had a slight problem,
I couldn't bring myself to hit a female.  I was raised that way, and
that's how I still am.  However, the gentlemen that was training me at the
time decided that this was a definate hindrance, so unbeknownst to me,  he
sent me out on the field against a fighter to spar with.  When I got out
there I realized the fighter was a female.  Fair enough, I figured I'd
block a lot and then try to kill her politely...ahem...this lady promptly
comenced to beat the hel..crap out of yours truly.  After dieing a couple
times I finally, during one of her flurries threw a shot and clocked her
one, right on the side of the helm.  I felt like garbage, but she smiled
at me and said, "Nice shot!"  And I realized, through the hazy pain of all
of the bruises she gave me, that male or female, when someone is in armor
they are a threat to my continued comfort, ergo, kill them and quickly.
(She turned out to be a knight, for those interrested).

Back on topic, I'm not saying chivalry exists only in men anymore than I'm
saying dry sites are ALWAYS dry.  Chivalry has no gender, neither does
grace, so ladies, you don't have the whole market share there either.
What I am saying is that civalry was borne out of a decidedly sexist span
of time.  During said time span it was generalized to one of teh sexes but
not totally, I seem to recal a young lady named Joan(?).

Both chivalry and grace can be exemplified in an INDIVIDUAL, not a sex.

-Martin, simply Martin

Note: if it's gonna' be a flame, it needs to be witty.

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