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>> Where are these rules for Ansteorra published??  No one has ever 
>> mentioned this to me.
>> Clarissa
>Here's where you get into a gray area.  I think a statement about our 
>Kingdom's alcohol policy is to be published in the new version of 
>Kingdom Law. However, I believe our kingdom law has always 
>deferred to to Corpora and corporate governing documents in things 
>like this.  In this instance, the only place corporate states policy 
>on this subject is in the Treasurer's Handbook.  This was 
>obviously a matter of some concern, as the BoD is now ruling on 
>that very subject.  
>The fact that these rules are so largely inaccessible is kind of a 
>problem, and that's why groups that violate the rule haven't been 
>penalized in any way (just gently informed).   
>In the interest of C-our-A, I'd like to point out that in this 
>kingdom, a treasurer is required to attend a treasurer's class (where 
>rules like this should be taught) to become a fully warranted 
>officer.  The longest anyone can hold the position unwarranted 
>(acting) is 30-90 days, depending on individual circumstances. 
>Occasionally, however, someone misses taking the class and 
>signs a check to pay for something that isn't allowable.   
>In short, it's not surprising you haven't heard of the rule.  
>However, any treasurer signing checks to cover items with SCA funds 
>*should* know these guidelines.
>- Kat
>Katrionna MacLochlainn
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>Lori Campbell
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I knew someone would ask this eventually, the rule is in the Ansteorran
Seneschal's handbook page 9. 
It has been there since Sir Fredrick was Kingdom Seneschal.  It is also in
the Corprate Treasurers handbook.
Up till now we have not seen the need to put it into Kingdow Law, but it is
under consideration for this next release.
The Official Ansteorra policy remains no alcohol with SCA funds.

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald
Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Ansteorra
mka Burke McCrory
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