BoD Ruling

Dottie Elliott macdj at
Wed Jul 16 14:39:55 PDT 1997

Burke McCrory 7/16/97 3:19 PM

>Up till now we have not seen the need to put it into Kingdow Law, but it is
>under consideration for this next release.
>The Official Ansteorra policy remains no alcohol with SCA funds.

An important policy such as this needs to be in something that anyone can 
EASILY access, not in some obscure handbooks only for a few. As someone 
who has cooked a feast several times in this kingdom, I was unaware of 
this policy and have NEVER had it mentioned to me. If this policy 
includes cooking wine, then I may well have violated it all unknowing.  
None of the SCA groups I have participated in have ever bought alcohol 
for general consumption (we always thought it was against the rules), 
however buying wine for cooking has always been allowed.


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