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maddie teller-kook meadhbh at
Wed Jul 16 15:19:32 PDT 1997

I would also appreciate a clarification of this policy. I too have
purchased wine and/or beer specific to recipes I have cooked for feast.
Is this breaking the rule or is purchasing alcohol for consumption (ie
drinking) the only restriction.

in service,

Dottie Elliott wrote:
> Burke McCrory 7/16/97 3:19 PM
> >Up till now we have not seen the need to put it into Kingdow Law, but it is
> >under consideration for this next release.
> >The Official Ansteorra policy remains no alcohol with SCA funds.
> An important policy such as this needs to be in something that anyone can
> EASILY access, not in some obscure handbooks only for a few. As someone
> who has cooked a feast several times in this kingdom, I was unaware of
> this policy and have NEVER had it mentioned to me. If this policy
> includes cooking wine, then I may well have violated it all unknowing.
> None of the SCA groups I have participated in have ever bought alcohol
> for general consumption (we always thought it was against the rules),
> however buying wine for cooking has always been allowed.
> Clarissa

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