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Wed Jul 16 19:57:36 PDT 1997

At 03:19 PM 7/16/97 -0500, you wrote:
>At 12:59 PM 7/16/97 +1100, you wrote:
>>> Where are these rules for Ansteorra published??  No one has ever 
>>> mentioned this to me.

>I knew someone would ask this eventually, the rule is in the Ansteorran
>Seneschal's handbook page 9. 
>It has been there since Sir Fredrick was Kingdom Seneschal.  It is also in
>the Corprate Treasurers handbook.
>Up till now we have not seen the need to put it into Kingdow Law, but it is
>under consideration for this next release.
>The Official Ansteorra policy remains no alcohol with SCA funds.
>Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald
>Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Ansteorra
>mka Burke McCrory
>email:  burkemc at

Sir Burke is correct.  The Official Ansteorra Policy  is no alcohol
purchases with SCA funds.  This will almost certainly be addressed in the
new version of Kingdom Law which will hopefully be ready soon.  We also
expect to have an updated version of the Seneschal's Handbook out soon.

In service,
Baron Artorius
Kingdom Seneschal of Ansteorra

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