BoD Ruling

James Crouchet jtc at
Thu Jul 17 23:26:36 PDT 1997

> The fact that these rules are so largely inaccessible is kind of a 
> problem, and that's why groups that violate the rule haven't been 
> penalized in any way (just gently informed).   

Uhm...actually, this deals with some VERY sensitive legal issues that 
REALLY should not be discussed in a public forum. I suspect Ansteorra 
has not acted on this largely because to do so would put them right in 
the middle of a very nasty legal & liability situation.

Really, don't try to figure this one out with layman's quazi-law on 
the net. If you really want to know, contact the kingdom high 
chancellor and get the real legal scoop. 

As it stands now, be aware that if you violate the law in some way 
(and there are many possibilities), YOU as an individual take all the 

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