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> > The fact that these rules are so largely inaccessible is kind of a 
> > problem, and that's why groups that violate the rule haven't been 
> > penalized in any way (just gently informed).   
> Uhm...actually, this deals with some VERY sensitive legal issues that 
> REALLY should not be discussed in a public forum. I suspect Ansteorra 
> has not acted on this largely because to do so would put them right in 
> the middle of a very nasty legal & liability situation.
> Really, don't try to figure this one out with layman's quazi-law on 
> the net. If you really want to know, contact the kingdom high 
> chancellor and get the real legal scoop. 
> As it stands now, be aware that if you violate the law in some way 
> (and there are many possibilities), YOU as an individual take all the 
> heat.
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