Pennsic ...

Kathy Lee kal35810 at
Fri Jul 18 07:15:03 PDT 1997

Thus far I have received 38 Pennsic Info Sheets (28 via e-mail and 4 via
snail mail) ... 

We have 60 people pre-registered ... 

this means that 22 people don't care where they camp at the war, or are
willing to take pot luck, right?

If you are camping with Ansteorra at the war, or if you know someone who is
not on this forum who plans to camp with us, please have them get in touch
with me if they have not yet given me their tent info.  (There is a form in
the July Blackstar.)  I will be at Coronation, with all the maps, if anyone
is interested in seeing the layout.

Horoun is taking care of land grab for the kingdom, and he is leaving on
July 31st.  (He is also looking for a rider, if anyone else can leave that

Just think ... less than three weeks left !


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