BoD Ruling

Chuck Graves Chuck_Graves at
Fri Jul 18 09:43:14 PDT 1997

     Could someone please re-post the BoD ruling?  Unfortunately, I dumped 
     it out of my files.
     I remember the BoD specifically exempting the purchase of alcohol for 
     cooking.  The BoD policy is aimed at ending our activities in serving 
     it forth at events.
     Of course, these statements have to do with BoD rulings, not 
     Ansteorran policies.  If the kingdom handbooks say don't buy it, don't 
     buy it. We can certainly have laws (and policies) which are more 
     restrictive those that established by the BoD.  The BoD works to 
     establish a minimum set of rules to be applied to everyone equally.

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