cooking w/alcohol (was: BoD ruling)

Lori Jones LJONES at
Thu Jul 17 19:06:30 PDT 1997

> > Kat wrote:
> >I'm going to just assume that you mean purchasing alcohol 
> >for use in cooking/preparing SCA feasts using SCA funds
> Nope. They mean SELLING, or more to the point, RE-SELLING.
> <snip.  

I think if you'll remember, Sir Gunther posted the original question 
and said it was brought over from the "cooks" list.  Now, I know that 
he is already aware that SCA money can't purchase alcohol for 
re-sale, (i.e. kegs at tavern, etc.) so I just figured (kind-of a 
common sense thing) that he meant alcohol to use in cooking (he's 
kinda into that cooking thing :-)).  

> In particular, if a group (in a state where it is legal to do so)
> sells or distributes booze they take on liability for the actions of
> those who drink too much, just like a bartender.
I think most of our kingdom's leadership are aware of those 
laws.  I've been in quite a few Great Officer's meetings over the 
last 3-4 years where this topic was discussed, most often the 
Lord High Chancellor was in attendance.  He and the other officers 
addressed these liability problems - hence the "no alcohol" rule we 
currently have.

To be honest, I don't see a problem with discussing Kingdom Policy 
on this or any subject in a public forum.  Our kingdom policy is more 
than sufficient to make our stand official on the alcohol issue.  
Also, most of the kingdom officers I know take the approach that it 
is better to admit that mistakes were made and learn from them than 
to adopt a hush-hush attitude.  Besides, if the responses I've seen 
are any indication, there are many out there who needed to know this, 
and what better way to get information out quickly?  I really don't 
expect anyone to take my word for all this, but it could, perhaps 
motivate people with questions to seek counsel from the proper 

When I say there are groups who broke the rule, I was sticking to 
my subject and meant regarding the purchase of alcohol in minute 
quantities for use in cooking. I know, if you want to get technical, 
you could say that selling feasts which include dishes prepared 
with alcohol is re-selling the alcohol.  However, as most dishes 
*cooked* with alcohol have little or no alcohol content after 
cooking, it would eliminate the problem of liability.  I mean, no 
one is likely to leave a feast legally intoxicated from eating, say, 
beef marinated in wine. 

- Kat M.
 (just giving another opinion...)

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