cooking w/alcohol (was: BoD ruling)

Dottie Elliott macdj at
Fri Jul 18 17:02:34 PDT 1997

W. C. Smith 7/18/97 6:47 PM

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>>I do not know the history behind the reason Ansteorra choose a policy of 
>>"no purchase of alcohol with sca funds for ANY reason, including 
>>cooking". I would like to though.  Many, many period recipes require wine 
>>as an ingredient.  These are good recipes, Pears in Wine Sauce for 
>>instance. Since my choices for period recipes to serve at feasts will be 
>>limited I would like to know the reason why.
>I fear some gentles have missed the point of this Policy.  It does not say
>that you can't USE alcohol in feast cooking... only that you can't BUY
>alcohol with SCA funds.  If you need some sort of alcohol for a recipe,
>simply buy it yourself or take up a collection.  It's really not that big
>of a deal.
>Baron Artorius
>Kingdom Seneschal

It is a big deal. It depends on the reason why Ansteorra chose to 
restrict ALL purchases as to whether I feel I can buy the alcohol myself. 
Is it because of Texas State Law or Belief that only a completely 
restrictive policy would be followed or that cooks are rich enough to 
donate this particular item (yeah, inflammatory, I know) or Something 

I have seen elsewhere discussed that to take up a collection to pay for 
alchol (home brew or store bought) is considered by Texas to be selling 
alcohol. Does it apply to wine used in cooking? I don't know. Is that why 
Ansteorra doesn't want to buy ANY alcohol? I don't know.

Again, the reasoning behind the ruling is what I am interested in.


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