cooking w/alcohol (was: BoD ruling)

Dottie Elliott macdj at
Fri Jul 18 17:40:35 PDT 1997

Burke McCrory 7/18/97 7:12 PM

>As to the
>reasons I think that it came about from the problems of over purchasing
>quantity and drinking what was not used in cooking the feast.  

Thank you for listing the reason for the decision. I agree, I suppose, 
that this could happen and even be used to buy enough for everyone to 
drink at the feast instead of just for cooking (although that would be 
dishonorable). However, minor management and honorable intentions could 
easily be used to overcome abuse of a policy that allowed alcohol for 
cooking to be purchased.  My problem is not that it cost a lot of my 
money to buy the wine I need to cook a feast. I rarely need more than 
5-10 liters of wine for an event with several items requiring wine.  Its 
not that I mind donating things. I always end up donating spices, herbs 
and other ingredients and supplies for one reason or another at every 
feast I cook and I donate 99% of the supplies for the monthly cooks guild 
that I host. Its that I am trying to understand this unusual policy.

It seems that it was a reaction to the abuse of a previous policy. Very 
well. I DO agree that we should NOT buy alcohol for drinking. I DISAGREE 
that it should prohibit the purchase of alcohol for cooking in reasonable 
quantities.  Nevertheless, NOW that I know the policy, I will abide by it.

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