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Donald Walker walkerd at
Fri Jul 18 19:14:42 PDT 1997

William H. Herron III wrote:
> I'm glad that we're all having a nice discussion on the purchase of
> alcohol with SCA funds.  It brings up another issue that I've hit in the
> past, and I'll throw it out to see what reactions you all come up with.
> The Barony of Namron (and most other groups, I'm sure) has a first-aid
> kit that is maintained by the chiurgeon.  We always brought it with us
> to events, demos, etc. when we had a reasonable assumption that it would
> get used.
> As a treasurer, I always had the chiurgeon refill the box after its use,
> and reimbursed the chiurgeon off of their receipts.  No problem.
> So, my question is, if the chiurgeon decided to keep some form of birth
> control in the box (and for my example, I'll say condoms), and this was
> a part of supplies used during a weekend, should the SCA be responsible
> for reimbursing that expense?
> I don't want to talk about the legal side of this.  It's a valid
> expenditure, and if I had ever been presented with receipts I would have
> reimbursed without question.  I want to know the opinions that people
> have on the, er, "correctness" of the expense.
> Try not to let personal feelings or beliefs interfere (any more than
> they normally would, anyway).  Should we pay for such items?
> When the issue came up in Namron, we discussed it and agreed that the
> Barony should not be subsidizing, er, such things.  But I think it could
> have gone either way.
> FitzBubba
 That does not really sound like a "first aid" matter. Besides, you are
letting yourselves in for some problems if there is a claim the 
chiurgeon's "treatment" failed.

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