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Aquilanne here.

Clarissa writes:
>huh? Are you referring to health insurance rates? Then modern society 
>should provide condoms with our tax dollars. Otherwise, I am not sure 
>what insurance you are referring to.

Well, sure, I was referring to health insurance, since we were talking about
a health-related subject.  Condoms and car insurance? Condoms and home
insurance? hmmmmm...  ;->

>I have NEVER needed to see a chirugeon. Why? Because I carry my own first 
>aid kit. Its the responsible, intelligent thing to do.

Absolutely. Folk should look out for themselves. However, things do get
misplaced, left at home, used up, etc. That's when it's very nice to be able
to take advantage of the courtesy of the chirurgeon's tent.

>Why do events sometimes have chirugeons and sometimes have first aid 
>kits? Because its a courteous service to offer.  Do we have to offer it? 

I agree completely. That's why in my previous post I said: "As to the SCA
being "responsible" for the purchase of condoms, I don't
believe there's any rule anywhere that holds the SCA responsible for the
purchase and distribution of such supplies (or first-aid supplies, for that
matter). I do believe that it's a good idea."

>If there has been a minor injury, its nice to get it quickly taken 
>care of. I have used stuff out of my own kit when needed. 

And that's one of the reasons I think chirurgeons/first-aid kits are a good

>I don't think, though, that condoms fall under the FIRST AID category.

Many health centers *do* consider condoms to be preventitive health
measures.  Just as we have chirurgeons singing "water is your friend" as a
preventitive measure, an open basket of condoms is considered the same type
of thing.

> I 
>certainly wouldn't think to ask the chirugeon for a condom.

Probably because it isn't an item traditionally assumed to be in the
chirurgeon's kit. There's no reason why it couldn't become a common
assumption, though.

>People have 
>sex everyday at events and at home (and probably other places too). I 
>don't know anywhere as an adult that I can go in modern society to get 
>free condoms

Like I mentioned earlier, many health centers have open baskets of condoms
sitting out with condoms free for the taking, especially at student health

>and I don't see why an SCA group should provide that service 

For basically the same reason they provide other health/medical
assistance--basic courtesy and caring.

>  I don't really care if they do, I just don't think they should 
>have to or be expected to.

Like I mentioned above, I don't think there *are* any requirements for *any*
kind of chirurgeon/first-aid services or supplies. I think it would be just
as unreasonable to _expect_  a bandaid or aspirin as to _expect_ a condom
from an SCA event. HOWEVER: if we are going to be concerned about the health
and well-being of our members enough to have such services/supplies as
chirurgeons/first-aid kits, then excluding condoms just because they're
sex-related is less than health-conscious and starts to play into the realm
of morals versus health. Just as having first-aid supplies around *help*
enable folk to be maintain responsibility for their physical well-being, so
does having condoms available.

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